Triops Start Kit - eggs

Triops Start Kit - eggs

With this set, you start a new underwater adventure. The Triops come out of their eggs. First with the naked eye not visible, but they are already grown considerably after a week. Grow Your Own Triops in the house! ...More information
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Triops Breeding

Standard complete kit

With this standard kit allows you Triops grow! (Triops Longicaudatus) Triops are very special creatures. They make somersaults and screws in the water like real acrobats, they can even swim on the head.


In this set you get eggs that you emerge from Triops (this happens after only 1 to 2 days) !! After 10 days you Triops are already mature. And with 2 to 3 weeks, she again lay eggs. The animals are 20-80 days old, and then you just start again with the eggs they laid. This hobby does not just hold on!

Triops be between 2 and 6 cm long. How large water creatures are exactly depends on the amount of food and light that they get and the size of the tray where you keep them in.

These particular animals have 35 to 71 pairs of legs! When a food grain is thrown into the water you can see that they take the food and bring into their mouths with their feet.

contains the standard kit

- Triops eggs
- The manual
- Food (baby and adult)
- Pipette
- Manual
- Thermometer sticker

Add yourself

demineralized water
A bowl or container that can least 1 liters of water and up to 3 liters.
A lamp which gives off the first few days over the bowl or tray light and heat.
If you do not have a hot area or lamp, a verwarmingselementje which you can get the water temperature at 23 degrees ongeveeer.

kit description

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