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Mierenboerderij gel schoolpakket
Mierenboerderij gel schoolpakket

Antfarm Gel School Education set

This school pack contains ant keeping products aimed at children from groups 1-4. Children come into contact with ants and learn more about them in a fun and educational way.

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  • Ants as pets since 2009 It starts here!
  • We ship every working day until 4:30 PM
  • Flat shipping costs from €6.99
  • Specialists in ants, free advice

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Product description

Ant farm Gel School package

This school package contains products for keeping ants and is specially intended for schools, childcare, childminders and agencies aimed at children. Learn about ants in a fun and educational way. This package is especially intended for children from groups 1-4.

The school package contains extensive instructions to turn it into a 6-week project!

Contents of the package

The package contains the following products and parts: 

- Gel ant farm including ants.
- 30 stickers for the children in the class or group (more on request).
- Simple leaflet for teacher or supervisor with explanation and instructions.
- Booklet 'Ants are heroes!'.

We supply the Ant Farm including a digital (download) booklet 'Ants are heroes'. The printed version of the booklet can be ordered here:


Ant farm gel

Let the ants do their work and watch how a complete structure is created! The ant farm gel is a high-tech living environment for ants. Based on the technique NASA used to study life in a weightless environment. It is completely self-supporting, the beautiful transparent gel serves as food, moisture and shelter. The only thing you need to add to the ant farm (16.5 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm) are the ants themselves.


- Ant farm gel green, large size
- Ant family with about 15 Spanish worker ants
- Rod to make the first courses
- Magnifying glass
- User instruction
- Manual and booklet 'Ants are heroes'

How Ant Farm Gel works

How long do ants live in the Gel Ant Farm?
Ants live from a few months to a year. So the age can vary. The worker ants that we supply have to last for a number of weeks to a few months and are guaranteed to dig into the gel. If the ants all die within the first two weeks, we will send replacements free of charge.


How long does the gel last?

The gel from the ant farm is a complete source of nutrition for the ants. Since the ants do not eat much and even dig up the gel waste and reuse it, it is more than enough for an ant family. We also have gel refills available in various colors so you can start over.


Maintenance & care

Maintenance and care are simple:
- No need to feed.
- A few times a week, open the lid slightly for some fresh air.
- Remove condensation and waste if possible.


This offer includes ants. These are worker ants from Southern Europe that create an underground system of corridors and chambers in nature. The ants are sent in a test tube. They can easily stay in this tube for a week before being placed in the Ant Farm. How to place the ants is explained in the flyer and our booklet 'Ants are heroes'.

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Mierenboerderij gel schoolpakket

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