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Schoolpakket wandelende tak
Schoolpakket wandelende tak

Walking Branches School Package

This school package contains products for stick insects. Learn more about stick insects in a fun and educational way. This package has been specially put together for schools and organizations aimed a

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  • Ants as pets since 2009 It starts here!
  • We ship every working day until 4:30 PM
  • Flat shipping costs from €6.99
  • Specialists in ants, free advice

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Product description

Stick sticks School package

This school package contains products for keeping stick insects and is specially intended for schools, childcare, childminders and agencies aimed at children. Teach your children more about stick insects and the care of these special 'school' animals in a fun and active way!

Contents of the package

The package contains the following products and parts:
- 3 nymphs of the Indian stick insect.
- Bugzzz insect enclosure (insect Cube deluxe terrarium at an additional cost).
- Sprayer.
- 30 stickers for the children in the class.
- Simple leaflet (A4) for teacher or supervisor with explanation and instructions.

BUGzzz insect breeding bottle

Grow your insects in an excellent shelter. A nice large and super transparent shelter in which your insects can be clearly seen. A well-ventilated lid with the logo ensures the best conditions for your new pet. You can house multiple animals in this unique enclosure. Particularly ideal for growing praying mantises, stick insects, stick insects, snails, worms and ladybugs.

Dimensions BUGzzz L insect enclosure (5000 ml)
Diameter: 17.5 cm Height: 25.5 cm

It is easy to add food and moisture to the enclosure, the lid is easy to twist off the PET bottle. Specifications We supply the bottle including a ventilation lid. The design can be completed at your own discretion. The photos provide a clear example of the possibilities. Decorative stones and artificial plants are available via our website.

Insect terrarium

Handy This terrarium is specially tailored to the needs of insects.

Ventilation The terrarium is equipped with fine mesh mesh at the top to provide ventilation for your new pet. The grid is so fine that even small fruit flies cannot get through. This way you can even provide young praying mantises with food and small stick insects cannot escape.
You spray moisture from outside (above) so that your insects have the right humidity in their habitat.

Possibilities & Usage

You can decorate the terrarium nicely with a nice ground basin and (fake) plants. Grow your insects in this terrarium. The front plate is extendable, so you can easily maintain the enclosure and provide your insects with food.


- Dimensions: 20x20x35.
- Filling/decoration: not included (can be ordered separately).
- Material: cut glass.
- Metal ventilation grille.
- Extendable glass plate at the front for maintenance.

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Schoolpakket wandelende tak

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