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Vlinders schoolpakket
Vlinders schoolpakket

Butterfly educational school package

This school package has been specially put together for schools and organizations aimed at children. This way they learn more about butterflies and their care in a fun and educational way! It bet

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  • Ants as pets since 2009 It starts here!
  • We ship every working day until 4:30 PM
  • Flat shipping costs from €6.99
  • Specialists in ants, free advice

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Product description

Butterflies School Package

This school package contains products for keeping butterflies and is specially intended for schools, childcare, childminders and agencies aimed at children. Learn more about butterflies in a fun and educational way. You can order the caterpillars that belong to the package yourself by using the coupon with the product (shipping costs only). This will be possible again from March-September.


Package contents 

The package contains the following products and parts:

- Butterfly breeding kit (excluding caterpillars)
- Includes coupon for ordering the caterpillars (shipping costs only)
- Life cycle of the butterfly in models.
- Plastic model butterflies.
- 30 stickers for the children in the class or group (more on request).
- Simple leaflet for teacher or supervisor with explanation and instructions. 


Your own butterfly garden at home

Become part of nature and witness the wonder of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. With your nose on top!


Shipping and care

The school package is in stock and immediately available. Please note: the package contains the coupon with which you can order the caterpillars from the grower against payment of shipping costs only. This is possible from March to September.

You will usually receive approximately 6-8 fresh caterpillars and the special food after shipment.
The time of shipment of the caterpillars may vary, we normally aim to ship them the same day if ordered before 4:30 PM. If this turns out differently, you will receive a message from us. The shipment of the caterpillars is done separately from the shipment of the breeding net. The caterpillars are shipped by our breeder from England. You can request this from the grower yourself using the coupon in the package.

Now you can really get started. Butterflies can be breeded from March to September. The aim is for 10 caterpillars to be sent, the guarantee is that you will receive at least 7 and that they will be bred into healthy butterflies.

First, the caterpillars are given their own food (supplied) so that they can grow well. They then hang upside down in crystal-like spun cocoons. In the final phase they develop into beautiful butterflies. Observe them for a few days and then release them.


The butterfly garden is reusable and, after the butterflies have fledged, it is also a perfect home for other insects such as ladybugs, praying mantises or stick insects. The product can therefore be used more often to study nature more closely.

What's in the Butterfly Set

  • Fold-out and openable 45 cm Habitat
  • Pipette for feeding the caterpillars
  • Complete detailed instructions, multilingual instructions for use (also in Dutch)
  • Coupon for requesting the caterpillars against shipping costs

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