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Mierenboerderij zand schoolpakket
Mierenboerderij zand schoolpakket

Ant Farm Sand School Package

Be aware, only Dutch information at this moment! This school pack contains ant keeping products aimed at children from groups 4-7. Children come into contact with ants and learn more about them in a

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  • Ants as pets since 2009 It starts here!
  • We ship every working day until 4:30 PM
  • Flat shipping costs from €6.99
  • Specialists in ants, free advice

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Product description

Be aware, only Dutch information at this moment! 

Ant farm Sand School package

This school package contains products for keeping ants and is specially intended for schools, childcare, childminders and agencies aimed at children. Learn about ants in a fun and educational way. This package is specially intended for children from groups 4-7.

The school package contains extensive instructions to turn it into an 8-week project!


Contents of the package

The package contains the following products and parts:

- Ant farm T-Farm with Lasius niger ant colony including food.
- Life cycle of the ants.
- 30 stickers for the children in the class or group (more on request).
- Simple leaflet for teacher or supervisor with explanation and instructions.
- Booklet 'Ants are heroes!'

Ant Farm Sand T-Farm

The T-Farm Ant Farm is made of high-quality transparent plexiglass and is complete because the nest part and arena are integrated. The Farm consists of two parts. The top is a sleek outdoor enclosure, closed with a handy lid. The bottom is the nest part. You have the option (in the long term) to connect another nest or other enclosures to the arena on both sides, as openings have been made on both sides. Even the nest part is expandable through the 2 openings in the base.

The T-Farm is suitable for both small and large ant species, including Messor and Lasius. We expect this product to close seamlessly and therefore be suitable for all ant species! The outdoor enclosure on top makes it easy to feed the colony with fruit flies and sugar water or honeydew. Please note that the colony must initially get used to the new environment and that they continue to develop from the nest tube (test tube). Growing a colony therefore requires some patience.

We supply the T-farm 2.0 including a bag with the sandy loam filling, a bag with decorative gravel stones, a pipette for adding moisture and of course our digital booklet 'Ants are heroes'. The T-Farm is a complete ant farm with a great appearance.

Contents of this set 

- Ant farm Zand T-Farm
- Ant colony Lasius niger 10+
- Sand loam to fill the ant farm
- Decorative stones for the arena part of the ant farm
- Pipette
- Food set consisting of fruit flies, sugar water and honeydew
(This diet is sufficient for the first months to a year)
- Digital Booklet Ants are heroes, you will find the link directly in your order confirmation email!


Nest Specifications


Width: 17 cm (round)
Height: 14 cm
Depth: 5 cm (in round)
Thickness: 1.6cm (1cm inside)
Number of connection options: 4 (10mm)
Number of rooms: 1, the ants furnish themselves
Number of ants: suitable up to 300 ants for most species
Humidification: keep the sand (partly) slightly moist.
Hunting area arena, outdoor accommodation included: Yes
Nest humidity duration: 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of ants and the ambient temperature.


Arena Features

Width: 18cm (in curve)
Depth: 8 cm (in round)
Height: 5 cm
Accessibility: from nest part through opening
Closure: via lid, can be fully opened

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Mierenboerderij zand schoolpakket

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