Mantis Mask

Mantis Mask

High quality mantis mask. Look like a real mantis in the world! ...More information
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mantis mask


With this high quality mantis mask look like a real insect in the world. The compound eyes are processed in two beautiful lenses. The composite lenses consist of several small deellensjes so you can see everything in small portions. In addition, everything seems to have become green through these glasses. Like mantis you now see only one color.


You can easily compound lens forwards or backwards clap. So you can watch in the normal way or as a real insect. Recommended for children from 4 years.


  • This green mantis mask gives you a look at the insect world
  • Specially designed composite lenses to flip back and forth
  • Light weight, high quality mask
  • Safe and durable
  • 14 cm wide and 13 cm high, APPROXIMATELY