Large magnifying glass

Large magnifying glass

A magnifying glass with a nice large diameter. A magnification can be achieved up to 6 times. ...More information
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Magnifying glass big 2-4 times enlargement


Exactly what you would expect from a magnifying glass. The magnification depends on the viewing angle, you can increase up to 6 times, the picture is less sharp if you put the glass close (larger viewing distance is better). 

This magnifier is particularly suitable due to the large diameter of no less than 7.5 centimeters. Therefore you do not really need keep your eye close to the magnifier. Be it at a nice distance see a sharp increase. This way it is very easy and handy in use!

See the hairs of an ant, the thin legs of a walking stick, the gripping jaws of a praying mantis close.

Nature is now even better. You can use the magnifying glass also to do research into the nature and everything in the garden or in the woods a closer look.


Color: black + transparent
Magnification: 2-4 times
Lens diameter: 7.5 cm