About us

Ant's Kingdom | Mierenboerderij

In 2009 I (Jan-Peter Oudenampsen) started with the keeping of ants as pets. Soon this hobby resulted in a business and now I am glad to be able to work full time on promoting ants as a pet and making and selling suitable products via our webshop antskingdom.com.

I do presenations/workshops at schools and organizations, and I have been featured in various TV shows in the Netherlands. I've even be able to collaborate on 2 Dutch nature films (the ant scenes)

Together with a number of biologists, researchers and specialists, I am affiliated with the MWG (the ants working group in the Netherlands), which is committed to research and the well-being of the ants in the Netherlands.

In our showroom I breed a variety of ant colonies. By appointment you are always welcome to visit us in Apeldoorn!

In the meantime, I work with the following great (professional) people:

My name is Tobias and meanwhile I work together in this crazy company a couple of years now. It's great to see how the company has developed in these years.

In addition to creating the pictures and videos, I manage the social media, among other things, and I participate in all areas of the company. I especially like the commercial part and develop the company in that way. Like we sometimes say to eachother: Like an ant colony is Ant's Kingdom; always busy!

I am Ruben and since 2017 I am working at Ant's Kingdom. Jan-Peter found out that ants are heroes! As people we can learn a lot about their fascinating way of life.

I spend a lot of time taking care of the ants to make sure they do not lack anything. I also am ready to answer your questions and packing and shipping your order.

I wish you a lot of fun looking around on our website to check all the interesting animals, products and of course our ants above all!

Jesse Schuitemaker

Hello, I'm Jesse! Ever since I was a little boy, I'm already fascinated by insects. As a result, I have also started to keep different species of exotic insects such as mantis, stick insects and night butterflies. As a result, I came into contact with Ant's Kingdom, resulting in a pleasant cooperation.

I study applied biology so I have a big connetion between my study and my work. I mainly engage in the cultivation and care of all insects outside the ants. The stick insects, walking leaves and mantis species.

Rene Smits

I'm René. I work for Ant's Kindom since September 2016 and I am in particular responsible for the Master Series, which I put together for Ant's Kingdom. I find it incredibly fun to see how Ant's Kingdom blows you for ants.

I myself also like ants, but outside in my garden ... just something else so ... ;-)

Beautiful to see and to hear how JP has his passion for ants. His enthusiasm is just contagious and makes it more fun to make something new every time. I wish you a lot of fun with your ants, you have something valuable that you can enjoy for a long time.

Wouter Oudenampsen

Hi, I'm Wouter. The first time that Jan-Peter made me acquainted with his ants, I was immediately fascinated! From that moment on, I also wanted my own ant colony. The first ant colony was the Lasius niger species and what I was happy with! Unfortunately, I just knew a little too less about the care and I got up to speed with building a huge nest ... with the death of the entire colony as a sad consequence. In the days after this exprience, I studied a lot about keeping ants and taking the right care. 

Since the beginning of Ant's Kingdom, I have been able to assist and support in contacting, taking care of ants and developing ever-better nests. At the moment, I'm mainly involved in growing colonies, which I really like to do.

I hope you will also be caught by the 'ant virus' as that happened to me! On this site you can find everything you need to make your hobby a success. Please feel free to let us know if we can support you.