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Porcelliomides pruinosus “powder orange”
Porcelliomides pruinosus “powder orange” isopods

Porcelliomides pruinosus “powder orange”


Isopods are fun animals to keep and are also used in terrarium or paludarium to keep these neat and clean. They clean up food scraps, droppings and possibly eggs from mites. They are also a good supplement in food for reptiles and amphibians, because of their high calcium content.

Porcelliomides pruinosus “powder orange”

Nymphs from our own culture. The sex of the nymphs is arbitrary. If you want to breed them, we recommend ordering a group of 10 nymphs.  



These Isopods come from South West Asia. They are still very young and grow quickly. We ship them between a few mm and 1 cm. They are then several weeks old. Of course we guarantee that these special animals will come alive.

Porcellionides pruinosus 'Powder Orange', also known as Powder Orange Isopods, is a hardy species of isopod and produces quickly once established. Powder orange isopods make a great cleaning crew in a bioactive setup or naturalistic terrarium.

If you want to keep these isopods outside a vivarium, we recommend keeping them on an Isopod substrate.  



These isopods can reach 7 to 12 mm and have a beautiful orange color.  



This strain is very active and is also known for its speed. Rarely, starving isopods can attempt to consume the shell of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We therefore recommend that you provide sufficient nutrition for the Isopods.  



Iospods are real cleaners. They eat dead wood, dead beech and oak leaf, fish food, cucumber and champion. Sepia should not be missed because they have a high need for calcium, you can also offer this in powder form.  


Environmental requirements

Isopods cannot climb into glass, a glass container as housing is sufficient. Use coco peat as a soil mixed with humus, dead leaves (beech and oak) and some digested wood and bark. The Porcelliomides pruinosus "powder orange" does not place high demands on its environment. Spray 1 part of the accommodation so that they can choose a dryer or damp place. The temperature may be between 21 and 25 degrees.

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