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Growkit eggs Australian stick insect, PSG 9

Growkit eggs Australian stick insect, PSG 9


Cultivation set with 15 eggs of the Australian special Flappentak. Designated PSG9.

PSG9 eggs Australian stick insect

Growkit eggs psg9

Buy your kit psg9, seed tray with about 15 eggs of the Australian special walking stick. These eggs are fertilized in the past few months, we package eggs of different ages that will come to you over a longer period eggs. Given the care and conditions are important for the hatching of the eggs, we make no guarantees.

The eggs hatch as a male after 4 to 9 months has fertilized the female. Keep the eggs on a damp paper. This should always be moist but not really wet. Most preferably, keep the eggs at 25 ° C. Beware of mold!

Extatosoma tiaratum is also called Australian flappentak. The species has also received a number psg, namely PSG 9. E. tiaratum occurs naturally in Australia and New Guinea.


This is a very popular kind of stick insects, because of the unusual shapes and sizes. Read on to learn more about the care of this stick insect.


This kind actually looks more like a kind of cactus than on a branch or leaf. They have prominent spines and protrusions on their feet. They are often stained brown, and occasionally there are also green varieties of this type available.
What is striking is the large difference between males and females. The females are thick, prickly and 15 cm long. Males are just narrow with long wings, little spines and a length of about 12 to 13 cm.


This kind of stick insect display very particular behavior. If defense mimic females and nymphs namely after a scorpion! By the tail to curl up they resemble poisonous scorpions. Predators who see it scared them and dare not take the risk to attack a potential scorpion. The harmless stick insect is so beautiful way by bluffing with his tail!
Furthermore, this is a quiet animal. Because most stick insects are nocturnal, they will not show much movement during the day. In the evening you can see they do move, however, and food.


This kind of eating burrs, raspberry, oak, lattice, hazel and eucalyptus leaves. Blackberry leaves are always to be found in the winter.
Beware of rose bushes from the store, which are always sprayed with insecticides! Eucalyptus is often unsprayed, but to be sure you should always inquire as to the shop.

Environmental conditions

The temperature may vary between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. Room temperature is fine for these animals.
This type does not make high demands on the humidity. They must have some water to drink if any, and for peeling humidity may also be higher. Ventilation is important. We recommend staying spraying about 2 times a week.
As with all kinds of walking sticks, this type needs a residence which is at least 3 times the length of the animal is high, and at least 2 times the length of the animal wide. For an adult female this means so at least 45 cm high and 30 cm wide.
When the females are quite large and heavy, it is difficult for them to climb against glass. It's better for your pet if you are sure that they also over rough surfaces or branch can climb upwards. They often hang upside down.


Males and females are easily distinguished. Females are thicker and wider and have many spines, while males are smaller with fewer spines. When they are mature, the males are very different from the females. They then have wings and are very narrow. They also have very long antennae.
This species can reproduce sexually or parthenogenetic. You can just males and females together in a loft houden.De eggs are round brown balls. They are distinct from droppings because they are much rounder and shine, and they do not fall apart when you gently rub it.

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