Aqua Dragons - Sea Monkeys - Blister

Aqua Dragons - Sea Monkeys - Blister

Aqua Dragons, SeaMonkeys, blister with eggs, feeding and pipette. Discover a new world underwater! ...More information
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Aqua Dragons

A new world underwater. The eggs, add the water and get your new underwater animals within 24 hours, strange huh! These aquatic creatures propagate themselves and they do well with eggs as viviparous, with proper care you have so very long time!

special aquatic

The Aqua Dragons, also known as Sea Monkeys are very special aquatic animals. They twist and writhe around in the water. Make yourself a nice little box for them and see them up close! (Eg a vase, or plastic container.)

Content of the blister

- The eggs that hatch to the water after addition.
- Adequate nutrition for the first year.
- Spoon / spoon to properly measure this food.
- Oxygen pipette.
- English speaking guide. The Owner's Manual digital.

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: