Aqua Dragons - Sea Monkeys - Blister

Aqua Dragons - Sea Monkeys - Blister

Aqua Dragons, SeaMonkeys, blister with eggs, feeding and pipette. Discover a new world underwater! ...More information
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Aqua Dragons

Discover the mystery of Aqua Dragons! Live aquatic creatures which you will bring to life hatching them out of their hibernated egg state by putting them into the aquatic habitat. 

Aquatic creatures

The Aqua Dragons, also known as Sea Monkeys are special aquatic creatures. Make yourself a nice little box for them and see them up close! (Eg a vase, or plastic container.) Care for them and you will see them eat, grow, swim, play and even reproduce. 

Kit Contents

- The eggs that hatch to the water after addition.
- Adequate nutrition for the first year.
- Spoon / spoon to properly measure the amount of food.
- Oxygen pipette.
- Manual