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Ant's Kingdom start-set, breed your own ant colony

Ant's Kingdom start-set, breed your own ant colony

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Grow your own Lasius niger colony. A complete set, including nutrition dish, nutrition set, an ant colony Lasius niger and decor parts!

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Ant's Kingdom start-set 

Now grow your own ant colony, a very special offer. Everything you need to start growing your own ant colony is included in this starter set!

- Ant colony Lasius niger, queen, workers and brood
- nutrition set with honeydew, sugar water, fruit flies,
- nutrition bowl ,
- nutrition plateau,
- pipette,
- connector,
- closing cap,
- connecting hose,
- protection sleeve,
- bag of sand loam mix,
- bag of ornamental stones,
- instructions in the video and on our YouTube channel (in progress).

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Customer Questions
how many ants come in this

The set contains a Lasius niger colony with 10 or more workers.

do you guys ship to the usa

We can only ship products to the USA, no live animals.

Does this include a Queen any

Thank you for your question. Yes this includes the queen, in this way you can start breeding your own ant colony.

If i buy the arena, instead of the feeding box, does it then come with decoration, or do i need to buy that seperatly?

Thank you for your question. The arena does not come with decoration. You have to buy it separately.

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