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Ants as pets

Ants as pets

Breed your own ants, what do you choose?


--- Choose an antfarm

In a gel specially developed for ants, you can clearly see how ants make a tunnel system with each other. The well-known brand Antquarium and our own brand Ant's Kingdom can be ordered in the category ant-farm gel.

Do you want to see how an ant colony develops? Then choose an ant farm gypsum or an ant farm sand. Communicating between ants and working together, you can observe it closely. You can also see how ants take care of their queen, take food and furnish the nest. Even the process from egg to ant, you can follow the growth of your complete colony, it is amazing!

--- Choose your ants

Choose an ant family for your gel ant farm and an ant colony for your ant farm with gypsum, sand or acrylic. We do not recommend placing an ant colony in a gel ant farm. This environment is too light for the development of brood. The environment is also too light for the queen. In practice, the ants will not dig, but only protect the queen and the brood.

We often get the question whether you can breed ants in a gel farm. A gel farm is not suitable for that! This is really only meant to observe the work of ants. That is why we do not offer an ant colony for this, but only a group of workers (without queen).

--- Take good care of your ants

Taking care of an ant colony is easy, comprehensive information can be found on our website. You will also find suitable products for food, heating and furnishing in the care category on our website.

Now you are ready for this new hobby. Do you have any questions or are you looking for a specific ant species or ant farm, please contact us!


Why keeping ants is fun and easy?

- See how the ant queen starts her colony in your farm.
- Need to clean up every day? No, the ants themselves take care of that. Just once in a few months you'll maybe have to do some maintenance.
- This pet takes up little space, it fits almost everywhere.
- Observe as often as you like (leave only the nest part sheltered).
- See how the ants live, play and work together.
- The accommodation looks nice, it can be placed anywhere, even in the living room. And you do not lack any discussion material when you have visitors!
- And then, last but not least: an ant colony you feed on average once a week some sugar water, some small insects (like fruit flies) and a few drops of water, that's all!
If you choose the gel variant as an ant farm, then you do not even have to feed and water, then you are completely ready for a long time (choose an ant family) or combine with another (dark) stay for an ant colony!

More information...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we like it! You can reach us via email and WhatsApp. You are welcome in the showroom by appointment for advice and purchase!

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