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Antquarium Mega Ant farm Forest

Mega Antquarium Forest with ledlights, the kit with DIY gel. Nature in the living-room, follow the labyrinth that the ants make in the gel and see the growth of small plants on top of it!

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  • Ants as pets since 2009 It starts here!
  • We ship every working day until 4:30 PM
  • Flat shipping costs from €6.99
  • Specialists in ants, free advice

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Product description

Mega Antquarium Forest with led lights base




Note: with this product, the gel will have to be made (DIY) with distilled water. You are responsible for the correct creation of the gel. When in doubt about this, we advice you to choose for the ready-made Ant's Kingdom gel Ant farm.


Ant Farm Forest


Watch how ants live and dig tunnels between the roots of plants. The lights in the led base lighten up the labyrinth structure the ants create! In the gel the ants dig their corridors and above the gel you can also see how the plants grow. You do not have to water the plants and it is unnecessary to feed the ants. Everything they need is supplied in the gel.




A high-tech environment for ants. Based on the technique used by Nasa to study life in a weightless environment. It is entirely self-supporting, the blue gel serves both as food, water and shelter. All you have to add to the container (26 x 20 x 6 cm) are the ants.




- The product contains one ant farm, 
- a led light base including necessary batteries,
- a magnifying glass to observe the ants up close; 
- a stick to make the first holes in the gel,
- a instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants,
- furthermore, a tube of seeds is added for the growth of plants on top of the gel. 
We advice to use a limited amount of the seeds, and also in one part of the farm, to prevent molding of the gel.


Not included:
- The ants, we advise an ant family. You can select these above the price and order them along in a special offer. You can also use ants from the garden, but then you'll have to catch very large numbers (50-100) to make it work.
- Distilled water. To make the gel, you need distilled water, also see the manual provided with the product.

In combination with an ant farm purchased from our website and the correct way of making the gel we offer a guarantee that the ants will actually dig.




What about the ants?


The worker ants show in the gel how they collaborate and make a labyrinth together, like they do underground. How long will the ants survive in the Gel Ant farm? The ant lifespan is from a few months up to a year. The age of the ants may vary. The worker ants that come with the ant-farm should live a few weeks up to half a year and are guaranteed to dig through the gel. When the ants die in the first two weeks or don't dig at all, we will send free replacements.




How long will the gel last?


The gel of the ant farm is a complete food supply for the ants and more then enough for the size of the ant family added through Ant's Kingdom. Ants don't need a lot of nutrition and even dig up the waste of the gel to reuse it. We also offer gel refills in different colors for when you might want to start over.




Maintenance and care


- No need to add nutrition.
- Lift the top cover a few times a week for some fresh air.
- Remove condense and garbage if possible.
- Turn off the led lights at night.

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