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About us


Ants are heroes! Ants as pets are fantastic. It is our mission to introduce the largest possible audience to these special animals and to give a boost to the hobby of keeping them as pets worldwide!


In 2009, Jan-Peter Oudenampsen started keeping ants as pets. This hobby quickly got out of hand and we now work full-time with Ant's Kingdom on promoting ants as pets and making and selling suitable products through the online store


We make the story of the ants visible with unique Ant Farms. Where in nature some of it happens underground, you can now view an ant colony with queen and workers up close in your living room!


We want to make this hobby available and accessible to everyone. Service is of paramount importance to us, so we guarantee live delivery and on top of that a 2-week guarantee on the life of a queen ant, 


Ants are amazing, they commit themselves to their colony without hesitation. This way they ensure that everyone has enough to eat by sharing everything with each other. In addition, they give top priority to the young (larvae) and protect the queen and other ants with their own lives. Their lives are entirely based on cooperation and continuous communication. We as people can learn something from this. Be amazed by these intelligent animals and follow the development in a few years from a colony with a queen and a few workers to an adult colony with thousands of ants. Ants are heroes!


Just like ants... hard workers!
In 2009 I (Jan-Peter Oudenampsen) started keeping ants as pets. This hobby quickly got out of hand and I now work full-time on promoting ants as pets and making and selling suitable products via the online store

I give workshops at schools and companies and have appeared in various TV programs, such as ‘Milk and honey’ (EO), ‘Beast Happiness’ (SBS6), ‘EditionNL’ (RTL) and the educational children's program ‘Huisje Boompje Beestje’ (NTR). Guinea pigs (BNN), Gelderse Koppen. Also the ant scenes in the cinema films 'Holland, nature in the delta' and 'The Wild Veluwe' were made together with me!

Together with a number of biologists, researchers and specialists, I am a member of the MWG (the ant working group in the Netherlands), which is committed to research into and the welfare of ants in the Netherlands.

We now keep thousands of ant colonies in our business premises. You are always welcome with us in Apeldoorn by appointment! I now work with the following great (professional) people:


My name is Tobias and I have been working in this fantastic company for many years now. It's cool to see how the company has developed over these years.

In addition to the photos and videos, I manage social media and am involved in all areas within the company. I especially enjoy and challenge working on the commercial side.
As we sometimes say jokingly: Ant farm, always something to do!



My name is Ruben and I have been working at Ant Farm since 2017. Through Jan-Peter I discovered that ants are heroes! As humans we can still learn a lot from their fascinating way of life.

I spend a lot of time taking care of the ants to ensure that they do not lack anything. I am also available to answer your questions and process your orders.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site at all the interesting animals, products and of course especially the ants!


Rene I'm René. I have been working for Ant's Kindom since September 2016 and am mainly responsible for the Master Series, which I put together for Ant's Kingdom. I think it's incredibly fun to see how Ant's Kingdom manages to captivate you with ants.

I also keep ants, but outside in my garden... just a little bit different... ;-)

Wonderful to see and hear how JP is able to convey his passion. His enthusiasm is simply infectious and makes it more and more fun to create something new every time. I wish you a lot of fun with your ants, you have something valuable that you can enjoy for a very long time.



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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we like it! You can reach us via email and WhatsApp. You are welcome in the showroom by appointment for advice and purchase!

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