Wooden test tube holder

Wooden test tube holder

This wooden test tube holder makes your ants breeding set-up just a bit more professional. ...More information
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Wooden test tube holder


The aim is to connect your ant colony (in test tube) to your ant farm or arena. Now you can put it nicely on a table or shelf, this holder makes your setup just a little more professional.

In addition, it is safer for the ants (less chance of displacement and vibration). Buy two of these containers, and you can even put them on each other to fully protect your ant colony in this way.


Place the colony in the test tube in the wooden test tube holder and place this whole set-up on a quiet place. Shelter the colony if you do not observe your ants. You can achieve this with for example a piece of cloth, paper, or a second wooden holder. Virtually all nest test tubes fit in the holder. On the pictures you see our standard ant colony test tube and a longer version.


The outer size is 200:35:20 mm
The inner size diameter is 20 mm.