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Termite Colony

Termite Colony


Start a very bizarre hobby, growing a termite colony in a termietarium. This offer is for a colony of termites: Reticulitermes grassei. Please not: this colony has no queens or kings, see explanation below in the long description! 

Termite Colony(Reticulitermes grassei)


This colony does not contain a queen or king. But there can emerge som royal termites primary; they are usually recognizable by a slightly different pigment, they are often somewhat larger and sometimes have wings. In addition to primary reproduction, this is the secondary reproduction. Termites from secondary reproduction originate from nymphs and are called neotenes. A neoteen reaches sexual maturity without reaching a mature state with wings or leaving the nest.

There can be both workers and soldiers in these colonies. The number of workers varies from 30 to 150. So there may even be winged specimens in the colony, who can take over the role of queen or king if necessary (and otherwise die on their own).


Suitable for

Termites are fed with cellulose. One of the basic ingredients of wood. We call the nest where you keep termites a termitarium. You can make a termitarium of different materials, such as acrylic. You can find a suitable model on our website.

Termites cannot climb the acrylic and these species (grassei) are not affected by vision, they are almost completely blind. That is why they are easy to keep and easy to observe!


Packaging and shipping

On the picture you can see an example of a termite colony packing. We ship these with package shipping only.

Customer Questions
How big are the termites

Thank you for your question. The termites are a few millimeters in size. If there are any further questions, please send us an email!

What are the termites housed in

Thank you for your question. The termites are housed in cellulose and shipped in small plastic boxes, they can be kept and breeded in different set-ups.

Will these reproduce, also how long do international shipments take ?

They can reproduce indeed. At the moment they are not in stock, shipping normally takes 2-5 working days in Europe

How high are our chances of getting a secondary reproductive?

Thanks for your question. Sorry, be we cannot estimate this chance! It is dependable on a lot of elements.

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