Termite Colony

Termite Colony

Start a very bizarre hobby, cultivating a termite colony in a termarium. This offer is a colony termites: Reticulitermes grassei. ...More information
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Termite Colony(Reticulitermes grassei)


Reticulitermes grassei is a termite species. The colony has 1 or more queens. There can also be soldiers and workers in these colonies. The number of workers varies from 30 to 150.

There may even be winged specimens in the colony, of which the role of queen can be taken by one of these.


Suitable for

Termites are fed with cellulose. One of the basic ingredients of wood. You can create a termitarium of acrylic (f.e.).

Termites can not climb the acrylic and these species (grassei) are not affected by sight. Therefore, they are good to keep and easy to observe!

Packaging and shipping

On the picture you can see an example of a termite colony packing. We ship these with package shipping only.