Stick insects Nursery

Stick insects Nursery

Stick insect nursery, follow the developments and growth of the stick insect with this special kit. ...More information
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Walked Branch Nursery

Uniquely, including coupons for eggs Indian Wandering Branch. The stick insect nursery provides day of fun where the whole family or class can enjoy. Insect Lore, the creator of this product is specialized in animals as Wandering Branches.

How does it work?

Open the package and send the coupon in order to shipping as soon as possible (international) to receive the eggs or buy them directly through our website. Within 1 or 2 weeks you get the eggs and the real work begins.

The eggs should be hatched, fed and cared for. A comprehensive guide in several languages, including Dutch is included.

After about six months, you stick insects mature. They are to explain about a year old and start again ultimately eggs. If you cared for properly you've been there quite a long time!

Content in this fun package:

- Coupon for fresh eggs from Indian stick insects.
- Detailed explanations and instructions in eg Dutch
- Small brush for easy handling of small twigs
- Netwoning for stick insects and other insects, which can be used more often!

Many studies have fun with these special animals!

The eggs can also be ordered on our website.