Snails stay

Snails stay

A snail residence of high quality transparent plastic. Even in focus as you want. Add your snail (s) and watch it! ...More information
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snails Stay

Discover why snails are so interesting with this fascinating natuurkit. A transparent container where you can view beautiful snails. Pointing the way to their own taste. The residence is equipped with ventilation holes and a hole for adding water. The product was developed by naturalist Nick Baker, a specialist.

The product provides hours of fun activity and is of high quality. Also including the English-language manual Nick Baker with any information about snails. Suitable for children and anyone with a passion for the extraordinary world of nature.


  • Transparent container with lid
  • Pipette
  • Pincent
  • Magnifying glass
  • comprehensive guide
  • Dimensions 19: 14: 6.5
  • Suitable from age 4 years