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Sand loam combination per 100gr
Zand leem

Sand loam combination per 100gr


Hadmixed sand loam combination

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Sand loam combination per 100 gr

A combination of sand and loam (clay), specially mixed by us (manually) for use in an Ant Farm. This combination ensures good stability, so that dug corridors and rooms do not collapse. The color scheme is a mix of red and yellow, the whole has a finer structure than the photo shows.

Because the sand is very fine, it is important after filling or decorating to moisten the sandy loam first, so that it becomes firm. After it dries, the ants can be placed or mated.

The price is per 100 grams. The content of the Ant Farm determines how many grams you need. Our advice is to fill a maximum of 2/3 of the Ant Farm with this sand loam combination, so that there is room for the ants to raise and move sand, in order to take care of their own interior.

Below the different products with advice for the number of grams.
- Ant farm T-Farm, 300 gr
- Ant farm sand, antfarm, (refill), 400 gr

Filling your own Ant farm with sand?

Now calculate the content yourself:

Length x width x height in centimeters is the content in cm3
You fill about 600 cm3 with 1000 grams of sand
Divide the content in cm3 by 600 cm3 to find out how many kg of sand you need.



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