Red protection foil for ant farms

Red protection foil for ant farms

Red foil especially for light protection of the ants in your ant farm ...More information

Red foil for ant farms

Red foil by which you can protect the ants in your Ant Farm from light. The foil is easily to cut in the desired size. We recommend you to protect a part of your nest at minimum. Another part can also be let in the light. The adhesive foil darkens considerably, keep that in mind. The observation is thus a bit more difficult, but that is good for the ants!

Standard dimensions:

We deliver this foil in standard dimensions: 

Length - 150 mm
Width - 100 mm

If the area you want to protect is bigger than the standard size, you can order multiple copies and place them side by side. It is also nice to cut the foil to cover only the nest parts you would like to be covered (only a few corridors/chambers).