Programmable thermostat terrarium

Programmable thermostat terrarium

Terrarium programmable thermostat in day and night rhythm. Both internal and external sensor (2 m cable). ...More information
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Terra Heat Thermostat


These Terra Heat Thermostat ensures accurate temperature control in your terrarium. The thermostat has a plug in principle. Plug the controller into a power outlet and plug your Heatmat or heat cable in the thermostat and place the sensor under your terrarium or other accommodation.

On the thermostat you can adjust 16A so totally 3500W you can connect to one thermostat.

key Features

* Design with plug allows for easy installation
* Five buttons ensure easy operation
* 161 switching programs per week (23 programs per day)
* Selectable comfort, energy saving and vacation mode
* The display shows the set temperature or the measured temperature (if temperature measurement is active)
* Temperature in degrees Celsius
* Temperature Calibration
* Alarm setting with buzzer
* Internal or external sensor mode
* Establishment of high and low temperature
* Enable or disable the programming mode
* Built-in EEPROM

Technical data

Output voltage: 230V
Switching capacity: 3600W / 16A
Backup Storage: EEPROM
Sensor Mode Internal: Internal sensor
Remote sensor mode: sensor cable of approximately two meters.
Temperature settings: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C, boarding of 0.5 degrees C
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 degrees C (+/- 1 F)
Size thermostat: 140mm x 70mm x 39mm screen 37x16 mm
Colour White
IP protection: 20
Certification: CE and according to EN directives

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: