Premium starter set

Premium starter set


A nice start set to begin the ant breeding hobby.

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Premium starter set

The ant farm premium, molded out of plaster is the heart of your arrangement. A unique handmade Ant's Kingdom product, firmly mounted with the best materials.

The ant farm has been specially designed with a unique moisture reservoir. At the top you will find the reservoir, so you keep 2 of the 4 rooms a little damp.

On one side an opening has been made to connect the Ant Farm to the nest tube with the colony and the feeding box. The colony first continues to grow from the test tube.

 Because it's handmade nests, the color scheme and the material per product can vary slightly. The images give a clear indication.


Ant colony

Mostly all ant colonies are save to keep in this ant farm. Above you can add a colony for a discounted price. We always advice to start also with an arena/feeding box. Let your ants learn to get their food from the arena and bring their garbage there.

Nutrition set

The diet of ant colonies may vary. Most common ants like Lasius niger and Messor barbarus have a diet consisting sugarwater, honeydew and fruit flies and the Messor colony add seeds to their diet. Choose your nutrition set above.


What is included in the package?

- Ant farm Premium starter.
- Food container (2 connection openings).
- Connection hose.
- Test tube connector.
- Protective sleeve (protection of ant colony).
- Pipette.

The connection hose you cut into parts and then you make a nice setup yourself. The photo above shows an example. We always advise to link the colony to the arena so that the ants learn to get their food there and to put their garbage there.


Length: 12 cm
Width: 10 cm
Depth: 4 cm
Thickness: 3cm
Number of connection possibilities: 1 (10mm)
Number of rooms: 4
Number of ants: suitable up to 50 ants for most species
Humidification system by reservoir top
Duration humidity nest: 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of ants and the ambient temperature.


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