Master Major Set - inclusief Messor barbarus colony 10+

Master Major Set - inclusief Messor barbarus colony 10+

De complete set from our master series gypsum antfarms to breed Messor barbarus, the harvester ant species. ...More information
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Antfarm Master Messor set

We can imagine that making a choice is difficult, especially with the wide range of products for keeping ants currently available. That's why we have put together a special set that makes sure you have an excellent starting point for this super fun hobby!

The ant farm Major, molded out of plaster is the heart of your arrangement. A unique handmade Ant's Kingdom product, firmly mounted with the best materials. With this antfarm we believe offering you both the most sturdy and operative product in ant keeping currently available.

In the middle of the Ant Farm surrounding the watersupply the chambers are very shallow (approximately 4mm), this makes the colony very easy to observe. The chambers on the outside of the nest are deeper (approximately 7 mm) ideal for the workers to stack their food supply and seeds. All the chambers and corridors are connected to each other. Amaze yourself and watch how the ants make the nest their home and experience how intelligent these extraordinary animals are.

On both sides of the nest we have made an opening which makes it easy to connect the nest testtube with the colony and for example an arena or foodbasket. 

You understand that we are a bit proud of this product and that's why we call it the Master Series. We have developed this antfarm series based on our many years of experience in breeding ant colonies.

Because it's handmade nests, the color scheme and the material per product can vary slightly. The pictures give a clear indication.


Contents of this set

- Antfarm Major.
- Arena M (10x8x7).
- Ant colony Messor 10+.
- Half meter hose.
- Test tube coupler.
- T-Coupling.
- Protectionsleeve (protection of ants colony).
- Protective foil (protection nest part).
- 5 ml syringe (for supplying moisture in the reservoir).
- Nutrition set consisting of fruitflies, sugar water, honeydew and seeds.
(This feed is sufficient for the first months to one year.)

Cut the hose in parts to make a nice arrangement yourself. The picture above gives an example setup. We always recommend linking the colony to the arena so that the ants learn to get their food from and bring their garbage to the arena.


Length: 15 cm (approximately 4 inch)
Width: 10 cm (approximately 6 inch)
Thickness: 3 cm (approximately 1,2 inch) 
Dimension arena: 10:8:7 cm

Number of adaptation possibilities nest: 2 (10 mm openings, one on each side)
Number of chambers: 8
Number of adaptation possibilities arena: 2 (10 mm - on either side)

Number of ants: the ant farm is appropriate for up to 200 ants for common species.
Humidification system through recess in the center

Water supply: 1-2 times a week, depending on the number of ants and the temperature of the environment.
Ventilation: Arena ventilation cover
Durable humidity nest: 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of ants and ambient temperature.