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Isopod Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"

Isopod Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow"

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Isopods are fun animals to keep and are also used in terrarium or paludarium to keep these neat and clean. They clean up food scraps, droppings and possibly eggs from mites. They are also a good supplement in food for reptiles and amphibians, because of their high calcium content.


Porcellio daevis "Dairy Cow"

Nymphs bred by Ant's Kingdom. We supply males and females at random. If you wish to start breeding the porcelain daevis we advise you to order a group of 10 nymphs.



Isopods, originating from Europe. Although they are still young when we send them they are fast growers and can grow relatively big. We send them from a few weeks old which means they are between a few mm till 1,5 cm. We guarantee the nymphs will arrive with you safely, if there is any trouble upon arrival please contact us and we will send you replacements when necessary.


these isopods are large, they can grow up to 2.3 cm. they are black / white. The females have a cavity on the belly side between the legs, males do not have this. The eggs and nymphs are carried in this cavity.



The Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow" is a very active isopod. They are always busy and looking for food. The females dig a hole in the sand where she and her nymphs have a safe place. They are group animals and like to be close to one another and sit under a stone or a piece of cork.



Iospods are real cleaners. there diet consist of, among other things, dead wood, dead beech and oak leaf, fish food, cucumber and mushroom. Sepia should certainly not be missing as they have a high need for calcium, you can also offer this in powder form.


Environmental requirements

A glass or acrylic container as housing is sufficient. Isopods are unable to climb glass. Use cocopeat mixed with humus as a soil, add dead leaves (beech and oak) and some pieces of digested wood or bark. The Porcellio laevis "Dairy Cow" likes to be moist so don't let your bowl dry out. Humidity level: 50-60%


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