Insects kweeknet, netcage M, regular size

Insects kweeknet, netcage M, regular size

Normal size breeding cage 30x30x30 for keeping insects at home. With good ventilation through the fine mesh and fine visible through the transparent side. ...More information
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Cage culture netcage


This breeding cage has a very luxurious look with dark mesh. This makes it even suitable for placement in very open, bright rooms. Do you really want to have a nice view, then you place it under a nice spot during the day!

Pay attention; the net is delivered without filling. So you can arrange it yourself nicely, possibly with decoration materials that are available through our website.


The mesh allows for adequate ventilation and grip for the insects that you can keep. The cage can be used on its side and upright, making it suitable for eg a group Gongylus gongylodes or Phyllocrania paradoxa Mantis or just for walking sticks and a large food plant.


One side is made of completely transparent plastic. All other sides are made of fine mesh. There is a zipper with a closure on one side of the cage so you can easily get into the cage. Finally, the entire cage can be folded into a package of approximately 15 x 15 x 4 cm. Perfect for transporting or storing the cage!


Breeding cages are super handy for keeping stick insects, praying mantises, butterflies and caterpillars. They are useful because they provide a lot of air, are large, are lightweight, easy to set up and then easily packed. The cages are very sturdy.