Insects kweeknet, netcage L, Plus size

Insects kweeknet, netcage L, Plus size

Oversized breeding cage 60x40x40 for keeping insects at home. With good ventilation through the fine mesh and fine visible through the transparent side. ...More information
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Cage culture netcage


This breeding cage is a super convenient cage for stick insects, praying mantises, butterflies and caterpillars. It is a lightweight mesh cage firmly into a large measuring 60 cm high, 40 cm wide and 40 cm deep.


The mesh allows for adequate ventilation and grip for the insects that you can keep. The cage can be used on its side and upright, making it suitable for eg a group Gongylus gongylodes or Phyllocrania paradoxa Mantis or just for walking sticks and a large food plant.


The bottom is made of black plastic and one side is completely transparent plastic. All the other sides are of fine-meshed gauze. The plastic sides are there so that you can use as soil that side and then coming through any water. There is a zipper with two fasteners on one side of the cage so you can easily get in the cage. There are two handles on the top for easy transport or to hang him. Finally, it is to fold in the whole cage to a package of about 20 x 20 x 4 cm. An elastic band which is attached to the cage keeps the bundle together. Perfect so to transport the car or store!


Breeding cages are super handy for holding stick insects, praying mantises, butterflies and caterpillars. They are useful because they provide a lot of air, are large, are lightweight, easy as putting on his and then again easily in the suits. The cages are very sturdy.