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Heat pack 72 hours

Heat pack 72 hours


Heat pack heater for up to 72 hours. Ideal for keeping your shipment warm in cold times.

Heat pack 72 hours

This HeatPack 72 hours is the large and powerful multifunctional heater that is also known as AquaPack or just HeatPack. The heat pack has many applications. Although it is mainly used for transporting animals and plants in the winter, it can also be used to keep many other temperature-sensitive goods safe during transport in low temperature conditions. This can be electronic goods, as well as chemical and biological products.
You can also use this HeatPack 72 hour heater to extend the life of your batteries by keeping them warm in a cold environment. Photographers in particular appreciate these heaters during their expeditions.

Most important features:

    - 72 hours of heat
    - always ready for use: just open the package
    - natural heat through the oxidation of iron powder

How to use:

After opening the package, the oxygen in the air will react with the iron powder in the heater and after a few minutes you can feel it warming up. You can now place the HeatPack 72 hours in your transport box, bag or pillowcase. The heater will generate heat for approximately 72 hours. Ensure that sufficient oxygen can reach the marked side of the heater, so do not cover it with tape, bags, or anything else airtight.
Product Details:

Dimensions: 16 cm x 11 cm
Duration of time (h): 72
Temperature (max. / Average): 52 ° C / 46 ° C
Ingredients: iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt
Content: 1 piece


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