Giant Butterfly kit

Giant Butterfly kit

A giant vlinderset, 45 cm high, to breed butterflies. Including plastic models of the life cycle of a butterfly. Suitable as an educational learning tool. ...More information
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Giant Butterfly kit

Your own butterfly garden at home

Is part of nature and see the wonder of a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. With your nose on top of it! This set comes with high quality figures that show the life cycle of the butterfly.


In the butterfly garden you grow your own butterflies. Above you can make the caterpillars choose to let us send. We will arrange the order and payment of the caterpillars and inform you about the shipment from the grower. Want to arrange this you will receive a coupon code in the set. These can be filled by the supplier's website. You pay the shipping and handling charges by PayPal or credit card. The caterpillars are then sent directly by the growers of Insect Lore.

Shipping and care

Usually you get in about a week, 10 fresh tracks and special food sent home by our breeder, in some cases it may take a little longer depending on the culture. Now you can really get started. The breeding of butterflies can from March to September.

First the caterpillars get their own food (provided) so they can grow well. Then they hang their heads in crystalline spun cocoons. In the final phase, they emerge as beautiful butterflies. they observe a few days and let them free.


The butterfly garden is reusable and after fledging of butterflies also a perfect enclosure for other insects such as ladybugs, praying mantises or walking sticks. The product is more likely to turn to study nature closely.

What's in the Giant Vlinderset

  • Folding and opening giant 45 cm Habitat
  • Pipette for feeding the caterpillars
  • Detailed instructions, multilingual instructions (also in Dutch)
  • The life cycle of the butterfly depicted in plastic models (egg, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly)
  • If you choose to order the caterpillars themselves, you will find in the package the coupon for 10 tracks, which you can order them online by paying postage.