Gelfarm LED

Gelfarm LED

Ant Farm Gel including lighting. Create not only a complete underground ants building visible but relieves him now! ...More information
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Ant Farm Gel

These Ant Farm with LED strip we supply and USB cable. The LED strip is connected to a USB port. In addition, including digital (download) Booklet "Ants are heroes." The printed version of the booklet can be ordered here:

Ant Farm Gel

Let the ants do their work and see how a complete building! The gel ant farm is a high-tech environment for ants. Based on the technique used Nasa to study live in a weightless environment. It is entirely self-supporting, the beautiful transparent gel serves both as food, water and shelter. The only thing you should add to the ant farm (16.5 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm), the ants themselves.


- Ant Farm Gel green, oversize
- The first swab to create corridors
- LED strip, with usb cable (so only USB)
- Magnifier
- User instructions
- Manual and booklet "Ants are heroes" (NL)

The operation of ant farm Gel

How long live ants in the Gel Ant Farm?
Ants live a few months to a year. The age may therefore change. The worker ants that we provide should it sustain a few weeks to a few months and dig guaranteed in the gel. If the ants in the first two weeks all die, we will send free replacement.

How long the gel remains well?

The gel ant farm is a complete food source for the ants. As the ants do not eat a lot and even digging up the gel waste and reuse again it is spacious enough for a family of ants. We also gell refills in several colors to be able to start again.

Maintenance & Care

The maintenance and care are simple:
- Supplementary feeding is not required.
- A few times a week doing very little lid open for some fresh air.
- Remove the condensate and waste as possible.


This offer is without ants, we advieren select an ant family. Ants can here reorder. These are worker ants from Southern Europe to create a system of underground corridors and rooms in nature. The ants are contained in a test tube. In this tube, they can still easily stay a week before they are placed in the Ant Farm. How to place the ants are illustrated in the flyer and our book "Ants are heroes."

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: