Nutrition bowl including connection options

Nutrition bowl including connection options

Simple nutrition bowl for feeding your ant colony, including 2 connection options and 1 cover. ...More information
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Nutrition Bowl for ants


This nutrition bowl is simple but effective. You can use it to provide your ants with nutrition.

The bowl has the following dimensions:
- 5 cm diameter
- 2.5 cm high (including cover)
- 10 mm connection parts.

1 connection opening is closed with a plastic cap. Can be used by removing the cap. We also include a piece of tube. And if you order a colony also we include the connection piece for free.


You can easily decorate the bowl with a layer of sand and/or a few decorative stones. Then you offer the ants there honeydew, sugar, fruit flies or other food. 

The bowl cover closes very solid, so no problems with ants escaping!

If you do not use an opening, you can seal it with the corresponding caps (1 included for free), more caps are also available in our web shop.