Arena M 10x8x7

Arena M 10x8x7

Mediocrity practical arena including ventilation grille. The arena gives collect the ants occasion food and to eliminate waste. ...More information
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Ant Farm Arena M

This arena is made of plexiglass and has the size 10x8x7cm. The line Arenas Ants Farm is suitable for use as a country in a nest. The Arena is closed by a neat ventilation cover. This cover is detachable to do in the Arena (administer food, garbage removal) maintenance. The natural state of a rural area is emphasized by the air ventilation and is mold and excess moisture. The Arena offers connectivity on both sides. A flexible tube fits well in mm here with a 1 cm. It is thus hermetically sealed, so that can not escape the ants.

behavior of ants

An ant colony uses the Arena here to bring their waste to dispose of dead ants (cemetery) and to pick up food and nesting materials. Through the opening at the top, you can maintain the Arena. The opening in the lid is sealed with good ventilation cover. For use and explanation see instructions.


By ordering this product you will receive:
- Arena M plexiglass dimensions: 10x8x7cm
- A lockable lid for ventilation top
- Required connection materials (tube and coupler)
- Connectivity on both sides (1cm)


The Arena is also available in two different sizes, and the openings of the various Arenas are arranged in exactly the position in the sides. You connect them so neatly together tightly with included transparent hoses.

breeding colony

You can use only one Arena also fine cultivate a budding colony. Choose above a colony for a combination (Discounted) price. Coupling and hose we deliver than free.