Arena M 10x8x7

Arena M 10x8x7

Medium size practical arena including ventilated cover. The arena gives the ants the opportunity to get nutrition and bring garbage away. ...More information
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Ant's Kingdom Arena M

This arena is made of Plexiglas and has the size 10x8x7cm. The Arena's line from Ant's Kingdom is suitable for use as a retreat at a nest. The Arena is closed with a neat ventilation cover. This lid can be removed in order to be able to carry out maintenance in the Arena (nutrition delivery, removal of garbage/wage). The natural situation of an outdoor area is emphasized by air ventilation and prevents mold and excess moisture. The Arena has connectivity options on both sides. A flexible 10mm tube fits in well with this openings. It is thus a solid sealing, so that the ants can not escape.

Behavior ants

An ant colony uses the Arena to bring their waste, to remove dead ants (cemetery) and to pick up food and nesting materials. Through the opening at the top you can maintain the Arena. The opening in the arena is well closed with a nice ventilation cover. For instructions and explanations see the instructions. 


When you order this product you will receive:
- Arena M of plexiglass with the dimensions: 10x8x7 cm.
- A lockable ventilation cover for the top (version may vary).
- Connection possibilities on both sides (10 mm, position may vary).

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