Aqua Dragons Jurassic Eggspress

Aqua Dragons Jurassic Eggspress

The Aqua Dragons Eggspress is the complete breedingset including a Dino egg aquarium to raise the Aqua dragons in. ...More information
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Aqua Dragons Jurassic Eggspress

The Aqua dragons jurassic eggspress includes all you need to hatch and grow your own generation of there tiny live time travelers.

Special aquatic creatures

Aqua Dragons, or their sceintific name Artemia Salina,  exist for atleast 200 million years on the earth. Paleontologists have found fossils of Aqua Dragons from around the Jura and Jurassic time periods. The've adapted to their evironment so they outlived the mass-extiction. 

Kit Contents

  • Eggs with a water conditioner (to make the water appropriate for the Aqua dragons) 
  • Feeding, enough for the first year.
  • a spoon to measure the food
  • Dino egg aquarium ; 14cmx10cm
  • Manual (Nederlands, Engels,Frans)