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Ant's Kingdom T-Farm including Lasius niger colony 10+

Ant's Kingdom T-Farm including Lasius niger colony 10+


This is our brand new T-farm Antfarm. We are very excited about this product and this is our offer including a Lasius niger colony with a queen and  workers.

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T-Farm Ant Farm

The T-Farm Ant Farm is manufactured from high quality Plexiglas. The integrated nest and viewing arena makes this a very complete ant farm. The farm consists of two parts. The upper part is a nice viewing arena that is closed via a handy lid. The lower part is the nest. You have the ability to (eventually) connect other viewing arena's and ant farm's, by utilizing the handy 10 mm openings on both sides. 

The T-Farm is suitable for small and large ant species, including Messor and Lasius. Ant Colonies are available on our website. It's very easy to feed the colony with fruit flies, sugar water or honeydew via the handy lid on top of the viewing arena. Please note that in the beginning the colony will be used to its nest tube (test tube). It will eventually develop from the tube. Growing a colony takes some patience!

The delivered T-farm includes a pouch with sandy loam filling, a bag with rhinestones decoration and a pipette for adding moisture. The T-Farm is a complete ant farm that looks great.

Ant Colony

Virtually all ant colonies can be held in this product. The T-Farm is suitable for small and large ant species.


The diet of a Lasius Niger ant colony consists of a combination of sugar water, honeydew and fruit flies. The diet of a Messor colony will also be supplemented with seeds.

Nest Specifications

Height: 15cm 
Width: 15cm 
Depth: 1.6 cm (1 cm inside) 
Number of connections: 2 (10mm) 
Number of ants: suitable up to 300 ants for most species 
Humidification: keep the sand (partially) damp. 
Duration humidity nest: 1-2 weeks, depending on number of ants and the ambient temperature.

Arena Specifications

Height: 5cm 
Width: 20cm 
Depth: 7cm

Base Specifications

Height: 14cm 
Width: 15cm


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