Ants Family XL with 25-30 workers

Ants Family XL with 25-30 workers

Ants Family, size XL, with 25 to 30 workers for use in the larger ants Farms. Even larger numbers on request! ...More information
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Ants Family XL

hard workers

The worker ants are from Spain and are active any time of the year. This makes them very suitable for gel ant farms. These ants family with 25 to 30 workers specifically for the larger, customized Ant Farms.

product Antworld

NOTE: brand products' Antworld (available elsewhere) turn out badly or not work. The ant gel that usually do not accept. Purchase these products is at your own risk. The products in our store are all fit, we give warranty.

Shipping and packing

You will receive the ants in a tube and we have a digital manual containing information including the location of the ants. How old the ants are and how long they live in the gel is not to say in advance. It depends on many factors. On average, they live in this a few months to more than six years. By buying only an ant family, we send it by post box (letter box). The ant family can then remain stored up to a week (before placed in the gel). For longer storage tips contact us.

Warranty and service

We give a guarantee that the ants dig into the products we offer. If they do not, or are they all dead within two weeks (with good care / installation), we provide free replacement.

Greater numbers, custom

If you need a projec larger numbers (worker) ants, please contact us for a customized proposal. We are happy to advise and are regularly invited to participate in larger projects and setups with ants.

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: