Ant farm gel including ledlighting and discount coupon for ants

Ant farm gel including ledlighting and discount coupon for ants

Antfarm gel including ants and USB ledlighting. Watch and learn how the ants make there way through the gel as in their normal underground habitat! Including a coupon for a 5 euro discount on an ant family. This makes a unique gift! ...More information
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Antfarm gel, including usb-ledlighting

We offer the ant farm gel including an ant family of 15 digging workers.

Antfarm gel

Watch as the ants do their work and dig through the gel like in their normal underground habitat. The ant farm is a hightech environment for the ants. Based on the technique used by Nasa to examine a life in a weightless environment. The ant farm is self supporting, the transparant gel gives the ants their food, water and shelter. The only thing you have to add to the ant farm (16.5 x 15.2 x 3.2 cm/ 6.3 x 5.9 x 1.2 inch) are the ants itself.


- Antfarm gel green, 
- Discount coupon of € 5,-
- rod to make the first corridors
- looking glass
- Instruction manual 

The functioning of the ant farm

How long will the ants survive in the Gel Ant farm?
The ant lifespan is from a few months through a year. So the age can differentiate. The worker ants who come with the farm should life a few weeks through months and are guaranteed to dig through the gel. When the ants die in the first two weeks, we will send free replacements.


How long will the gel stay good?

The gel of the ant farm is a complete food supply for the ants and more then enough for the size of the ant family added through Ant's Kingdom. Ants don't need a lot of nutrition and even dig up the garbage of the gel to reuse it. We also offer gel refills and different colors when you might want to start over.

 Maintenance and care

The maintenance and care are simple:
- No need to add nutrition
- Lift the top cover a few times a week for some fresh air 
- Remove condens and garbage if possible.


This offer is without ants, we advise to choose an ant family. Enclosed with the ant farm you receive a coupon to order an ant family with discount. These are worker ants from South-Europe who make corridors and rooms in their normal underground habitat. The ants will be send in a test tube. In the test tube they can survive about a week before placed in the ant farm. How to place the ants in the ant farm will be covered in the enclosed flyer.