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ANTCUBE startset M - 20×20 - Combi

ANTCUBE startset M - 20×20 - Combi


The set consists of 18 parts and is suitable for all small ant species.
Size: M

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Our high quality Starter Sets for Ant keeping. We offer a great variety of Formicariums for different Ant species made of glass. They are divided in different Habitats, Nest materials and available in the sizes S, M, L and XL

The sizes of the starter sets (S, M, L) differ only in the distance between the plates of the ant farm and the size of the holes for connection to ant arenas and other ant farms (both matching the size of the ant species).
S = 6mm for small species like Myrmica
M = 10mm for medium species like Lasius and Formica
L = 20mm for large species such as Camponotus with nest insert also for smaller ant species.

1x ANTCUBE – Arena 20x20x20 – Combi M
1x ant arena cover 20×20
4x fixing point for arena cover
2x Formicarium plugs for 27mm hole
2x Formicarium plug for 50mm hole
1x substrate – sand-loam beige – 1000g
1x drinker 2ml – 360 degrees
1x bowl clear 1×20 – sponge
1x hand magnifier – 2x – 30mm
1x tweezers plastic transparent
1x plastic pipette 3ml
1x Ant escape oil 10ml
1x foam wiper 150x18x2,5mm

This Starter Set – Combi is suitable for most species of ants nesting in the ground.
The set is very compact and the included accessories are reduced to the most important.
Therefore, it is an inexpensive set made of high quality materials, which is ideal for beginners in ant keeping.
The included substrate sand – clay beige is well accepted by most burrowing ant species.

Optionally, other soil substrates or nest inserts can be placed in the nest area of the arena.
Under the suggestions (see below) you can find further useful accessories.

Recommendation: We recommend a substrate layer of 2 mm height, so that the animals cannot burrow into the arena and instead use the farm provided for this purpose. We also recommend that the nesting material in the farm (sand/clay, Digfix, etc.) is lightly pricked in one place to make digging easier for the animals.

Important: Please moisten the substrate before use so that the mixture can bind and develop a firm hold in the ant farm. In addition, too dry and dusty substrate can cause the ants’ respiratory system to be blocked and, in the worst case, the animals may suffocate.
When using our nest inserts, please note that they are 8mm narrower, as they were originally designed to fit our narrower ant farms as well as arena inserts! Here the space in between would have to be filled with filler material such as plaster or clay.

Notes on production
Glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. For extremely small ant species, additional escape protection is essential.


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