Ant Farm sand including ants
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Ant Farm sand including ants

The Ant Farm sand, a combination offer Antfarm with Lasius niger ant colony, the Dutch black black garden ant. Grow your own ant colony with this nicely designed Ant Farm. ...More information
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2016 OFFER - Antfarm including ant colony!

The Ant Farm sand

Build your own ant farm using this natuurkit and breeding colony in the coming years! The product has already won several awards.

· An award winning natuurkit which provides insight into the amazing world of ants.
· Fun, fascinating and very educational.
· Approved by wildlife experts
Ants are excellent pets, they are safe, clean and care and nutrition will cost you almost nothing. Ant World provides a fascinating insight into their world. Observe ants in their daily work; building a new nest, making tunnels, collecting and sharing power and communication between the ants. Fun entertainment for budding nature lovers. Suitable for both young and old.

In your starting ant colony is a queen ant (also called gyne), spawn and follow the first workers. The spawn is laid by the queen herself and the worker ants come from the queen.

Growing an ant colony does take patience, the colony grows slowly and then expand from its territory. Keep this in mind when purchasing this product! a colony can grow to contain hundreds of ants in a few years. Want to see similar quick action in the Ant Farm, then buy this product release with an ant family there.


For everyone from 5 years


- Plastic ant farm
- 2x Faceplates
- Connects magnifying glass with feeding bowl
- Transparent hose
- Feeding Tweezers
- Sand
- Clear instructions (eng)
- 1 time Ants Colony Lasius niger and flavus, queen with 5-10 workers
We provide this Ant Farm including digital (download) Booklet "Ants are heroes." The printed version of the booklet can be ordered here:


Height: 30 cm
Height: 20 cm.
Foot width: 7 cm
Space between the two plates: 1 cm

The biggest (standard) Antfarm product.


The diet of a Lasius ant colony consists of a combination of sugar water, honeydew, and fruit flies. This power set is above to order.

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: