Ant Farm Cube S

The Cube Ant Farm is suitable for almost all ant species. The size of this product is 8x10x8cm and you can see all the way around the corridors and rooms of the litter! ...More information
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Ant Farm Cube S

A solid ant farm of plaster in a plastic cube. You can look around at all these Ant Farm. We provide this Ant Farm including digital (download) Booklet "Ants are heroes." The printed version of the booklet can be ordered here:

The ant farm is ideal to start. In addition, this embodiment is highly suitable for almost all the ants species (particularly for the smaller species).

In the plaster is made a recess in order to add a little water. Right in the middle on top. So you can keep the ant farm slightly damp. This recess is to fill a few cm high, and via the top with water. This is possible with the supplied dropper or spray bottle, this spray bottle is' in the category of moisture "also available. The water then moves into the plaster.

The upper part can also be used as 'Arena', however, we recommend connecting a single arena so you can easily feed Administrate and can clean up the debris of the colony. With every arena we provide free materials with torque (hose etc).


This Ant Farm is easily interfaced via the 10mm side opening with litter and other outdoor areas. See photos of possible examples.

Choice Ants Colony

This farm is suitable for almost all ant species. Not only for larger colonies of species Camponotus (larger species with larger numbers). The colony we provide in a test tube and connection means for connecting on the opening in the cube nest.


The diet of a Lasius ant colony consists of a combination of sugar water, honeydew, and fruit flies, and there still be added to seeds at a Messor colony. A feeding set is above to order.

nest Specifications

Length: 10cm
Depth: 8cm
Height: 8cm
Thickness: 3cm (nest part 1.2cm)
Number of connections: 1 (10mm)
Number of rooms: 4 (in different parts around)
Number of ants: Ants accommodate up to 200 for the smaller species
Humidification system: from above into recess
Shelter: We recommend to make a dark part (masking or cloth)
Hunting area arena retreat included: Yes, small part on top (opinion: additional connection)
Duration humidity nest: 2-4 weeks, depending on number of ants and the ambient temperature.

Need help? Download this pdf with instructions: