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Acrylic ant farm 40x20 cm including arena

Acrylic ant farm 40x20 cm including arena


High quality acrylic Ant Farm 40x20, arena included. The degree of moisture can be regulated by means of a moisture supply. In addition, it is possible to connect other ant farms and arenas

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Acrylic Ant Farm 40x20

A very sleek ant farm made of acrylic. The transparency is sublime and the finish is top quality.

This enormous ant farm is suitable for both small as mid-sized colonies of ant types such as Lasius, Myrmica, Pheidole, Messor and Formica. The colonies must have a certain size (in number), otherwise this product is too large to use. A Messor colony with 20+ workers, for instance, would be a good fit in combination with this Acrylic Ant Farm.

These nests are supplied with a foam section that keeps the nest moist for about 1 to 2 weeks. To moisten the nest, wet the foam (with the pipette provided) and ensure that the moisture spreads to a couple of the rooms. It absorbs and distributes moisture without the risk of the chambers and gangways getting flooded. The foam has to be kept moist to ensure that the ants enjoy the right type of environment in this nest.

The system is very practical because of this unique water supply. Even cleaning the complete Ant Farm is possible. First, attach another residence or nest tube for the ants to move to, after which it is simple to unscrew the acrylic nest and to rinse it with water.

The nest can be easily expanded by using the 8-mm opening on the outside. Tubes will allow you to add other residences.


Ant colony

Virtually every type of ant colony can be kept in this nest. Choose a colony above, at a special offer price.


Feeding set

The diet of a Lasius ant colony consists of a combination of sugar water, honeydew and fruit flies. For a Messor or Pheidole colony, seeds are added to this. A feeding set can be ordered above.


Nest Specifications

Length: 40cm
Width: 20cm
Thickness: 1 cm (inside 0,6)
Number of connections: 2 (8mm)
Number of rooms: 28
Number of ants: suitable for up to 1000 ants for most species
Humidification system using foam
Hunting area arena, outdoor area included: Yes
Humidity duration nest: 1-2 weeks, depending on the number of ants and the ambient temperature.


Arena Features

Length: 17cm
Width: 9cm
Height: 7cm
Number of connections: 2 (8mm)
Accessibility: from nest section through corridor and opening
Closure: by means of lid



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