2in1 Digital hygrometer and thermometer

2in1 Digital hygrometer and thermometer

Just what you need, a combination meter that displays both the temperature in Celsius and the humidity percentage. And he's also super compact and can be placed anywhere or build in. ...More information
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2in1 hygrometer and thermometer


You can see the humidity of the air in a percentage return on these meters. Most insects and reptiles need a humidity between 50 and 80%.

Use a good nozzle in order to bring the level of humidity. This nozzle is also available through our website. (Exo Terra also.)


You read the ambient temperature in degrees Celsius on these meters. For most of the insects is a temperature between 18 and 25 degrees is ideal.

Use appropriate heat mats and / or heat cables and a thermostat to create the ideal environment. On our site are several products available.


This digital prints meter is easy to build or erect place in the home of your reptiles or insects.


The meter is 5 cm wide, 3 cm and 2 cm deep. The meters we supply including batteries installed.